EYFS at Manor Park Primary Academy

Learning for our young children at Manor Park Primary Academy is rewarding and enjoyable. We believe in the importance of play and that our Early Years children learn most effectively through practical experiences and active involvement, during which they can investigate, discover, create and consolidate their developing vocabulary, knowledge, skills and understanding.

The foundation of children’s learning is high-quality continuous provision, providing a rich, engaging learning environment.

There is flexibility within the provision to be enhanced in response to the children’s interests or next steps in their learning. During free-flow provision, the children can move between both indoor and outdoor learning. Practitioners will be there for play support, observing, working with the children and building on their learning experiences.

Alongside the continuous provision, there are also focus activities which the children will complete with a qualified adult, either individually or in small groups. We challenge the children every day and provide opportunities for them to complete tasks independently, using their previously learnt skills and knowledge.


Why send your child to a REAch2 academy? Find out more about by watching the video below: