Breakfast Club

Thank you for your interest in Manor Park Academy Breakfast Club.

Our Aims
  1. To provide a healthy breakfast to children which will help with concentration and performance during the school day;
  2. To provide a range of stimulating activities;
  3. For children to feel happy and secure in a welcoming environment.
Quality Care

Parents and carers can be assured that children receive high-quality care and stimulating activities in a safe environment, delivered by trained staff.
We strongly believe that parents/carers participation, suggestions and feedback is a valuable asset to the club.
It is our responsibility to follow the government’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures. It is our duty to report any concerns to the school and Children’s Services according to these guidelines.


Children will not be accepted into the Club without being registered beforehand.  Registration allows parents to give staff key information about their child so that can be met any dietary or other needs can be met.


1st child in family: £1.00 per day (prices will be reviewed regularly)

Timings & Club Schedule:

Opening Time:  8:am – 8.40am daily

Last Breakfasts Served:  8:30 am 

Games and activities are available in the dining room and PE hall. Children are taken into the playground to join their class where they are supervised by school staff. Nursery and Reception children are collected from the hall by adults and escorted to join their class at 8:30am. 

Behaviour Policy

At Breakfast Club, we aim to maintain individual respect and responsibility towards each  other. Children are encouraged to accept and make the right choices with their behaviour.

6 Simple Rules
  1. We ‘Respect’ everyone.
  2. We listen and follow instructions to keep us all safe.
  3. We use kind – hands, feet, and words to each other.
  4. We need to be careful when we are taking part in any activities.
  5. We leave the halls as we find them & all activities need to be put away neatly.
  6. Remember  – share space, give space make this space great.
Medical Policy

Inhalers will be administered if required in accordance with the school’s Asthma Policy. 

Club staff will adhere to the protocols outlined in the Medical Policies if any other situation occurs that requires such action.

Policies & Procedures

The Club follows the school policies and procedures in place in order to provide the best care for children.  The documents are available on the school website for your reference and copies are available on request.  

  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Medical Needs Policy
  • Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

In order to prevent missed payment of fees we require parents/carers to book a place for their child/ren with the office team.  Payment should be made in advance online by using the school money. This enables us to organised the club effectively,

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to book a space.


Stage 1: Parents/carers will be asked to pay on the child’s next attendance if the fees remain unpaid the child will not be allowed to attend until the fee is paid in full.

Stage 2:  An invoice will be sent  directly to the parent/carer

Stage 3:  Final invoice will be sent

Stage 4:  One week after the final invoice, if the account is still not settled a formal letter will be  sent.

We are available to discuss any problems and work with the parent/carers to resolve issues before such situations should arise

Feedback/ Questionnaires

To ensure our high standards are maintained, we respectfully request that parents/carers fill in and return any questionnaires sent regarding the Breakfast club

Complaints Procedure

It is our policy to ensure that both children and parents/carers are totally happy and secure with the provision.

Please come and speak with us in the first instance if you have any queries. Further to this, should the matter not be resolved,  please refer to the schools Complaints policy and procedures.

Thank you