At Manor Park Primary Academy, we believe that achieving competence and confidence in writing is vital for the children in our school to be successful in the next stages of their education and beyond. The ability to write with precision and purpose is a key life skill; we aim to equip children with the knowledge and skills necessary to write clearly for a range of audiences and purposes. We do this by providing a wide range of experiences and opportunities to write using high-quality texts as a starting point. This starts in Nursery and builds progressively until the children leave us in Year 6.


We have planned a writing curriculum with the intention that children at Manor Park will be able to write with confidence, fluency and understanding. This will enable them to be independent and creative writers across all areas of the curriculum and in all subjects. Children will be provided with the opportunity to experience a wide range of texts as part of our belief that all children should learn, apply and refine the essential skill of writing in a widening range of contexts.

Aims of our writing curriculum

To enable children to:

  • Enjoy using language in different contexts and have the ability and confidence to do so,
  • Develop understanding and skills to become independent, enthusiastic writers,
  • Study language usage and models of good writing to develop their own skills,
  • Have a growing vocabulary with an interest in words – their meaning and their usage,
  • Know a range of language features and use them in their writing,
  • Write for a variety of purposes and audiences,
  • Value their work, and the work of others, and discuss their writing with peers and adults.

To find out more about the implementation of our writing curriculum, please select the link below to view our writing policy.