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Personal, Social, Health, Education.

Here at Manor Park Academy we offer an inclusive PSHE and activity scheme through Lifewise.  

We offer:

‘Lifewise PSHE and Activity Scheme’ units cover theNational Curriculum, Statutory and Non-Statutory Guidance and DfE ‘Relationships’ and ‘British Values’documents​

Content Overview

The content is organised into Year Groups, but it is important to note that these topics are interchangeable. With significant lack of face-to-face teaching, varied approaches to home learning, and issues raised by the Covid-19 pandemic, children are facing unique challenges. Whatever their individual experiences, it is likely all pupils will need reintroduction to learning routines and some support with wellbeing, rebuilding confidence, self-esteem and learning potential.

Select this link for a break down of the content taught. 

Sequencing Overview.

The Sequencing Document shows how we suggest the curriculum can be implemented to allow for knowledge and skills to be introduced, revisited, consolidated, and assessed across Key Stages 1 and 2. Teachers of a specific year group can clearly see previous and future learning intentions for pupils.

Select this link to view the sequence in which the content is taught.

Vocabulary Overview.

As the children work through each unit, they will learn key vocabulary which link to their learning. These key words will be explained and used in a variety of contexts throughout the week. 

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Parent Presentation.

Below is a parent presentation which has been prepared to fully explain what  PSHE is, how schools teach it to children and how it links to the national curriculum. 

Select this link to view the key vocabulary that is taught.