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Physical Education (P.E)

Here at Manor Park Academy we recognise the importance of Physical Education, healthy eating, sport and healthy competition. We are working using a scheme called Real PE which builds children individual skills in the following areas: 

    Physical, Creative, Social, Personal, Cognitive and Health and fitness.

To further understand how we teach P.E please read through the documents below. 

Year Group PE Overviews.

Real PE Progression of Skills.

Real PE Fundamental Movement Skills


Our PE kit is as follows:

Please remember that when it is PE day that the correct Kit is:

  • School white t-shirt

  • black bottoms

  • Suitable black trainers or pumps.

Learners who are wearing any jewellery will be asked to remove this before their lesson starts for health and safety reasons.


The PE national curriculum states that ‘all schools must provide swimming instruction’ with the aim to ensure all learners are taught to:

  • Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over at distance of at least 25m

  • Use a range of strokes effectively (front, back and breaststroke)

  • Perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations


With this being the driving force Manor Park Academy ensures that we offer a statutory swimming curriculum. We do this within a partnership with Perry Beeches swimming baths they provide us with two qualified swimming teachers and offer valuable CPD to all members of staff. Our aim is to have every child swimming at least 25 meters before they leave in year 6 and that they can display a high level of knowledge on water safety and self-rescue techniques. Our swimming provision works on a term bases and focuses on the learner in upper Key Stage 2.



It is important to wear the correct swimming kit which is as follows:


  • All in one swimsuits (religious swimming suits can be worn)

  • Swimming hat


  • Swimming shorts that are above knee height (no football shorts or shorts with pockets)

  • Swimming t-shirts (optional)

Goggles and ear plug are also optional but please be aware they are the property of the children and will not be provided by the school or be the schools responsibility. If any learner is wearing any jewellery on swimming days they will be asked to remove this before entering the pool. If your child needs to be excused for swimming for any reason then a note from home or a doctor needs to be provided.