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Our Vision at Manor Park Academy

‘Enter to learn, achieve greatness together’

Our vision at Manor Park Academy is to provide a first-class education that prepares children for their future. This is aligned to the Reach2 cornerstones of:

 Learning, Leadership, Enjoyment, Inclusion, Inspiration, Responsibility and Integrity.


As a school we value and promote:


  • The happiness of children, families and staff.

  • Self-confidence, self-motivation and independence in a safe environment.

  • Co-operation, collaboration and teamwork.

  • A stimulating, broad, engaging and challenging curriculum suited to the child’s needs to enable them to reach their full potential.

  • Praise and celebration of the achievements of every child.

  • All aspects of British life and culture; celebrating differences, diversity, core values and preparing children for life in modern Britain.




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Our Staff

REAch2 Executive Team

Director of Education: Mr Tim Culpin

Deputy Director of Education: Mr Yateen Bhoola

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Miss R Dobbie

Pastoral Lead: Miss J. Green

Curriculum Lead & KS1 Phase Lead: Miss J.Merinho

Teaching Staff


Mrs S. Mahmood

Mrs K. Ashraf

Miss S. Mahfooz

Mrs R. Gill

Mrs R. Seymour

Miss J. Marinho

Miss L. Walters

Miss M. Cammock

Miss M. Morton

Miss  G. Queen

Mrs P. Jarwall

Miss A. Hussain

Mr C. Freeman

Mr M. Bayley

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs R. Sutton
Mrs L. Patrick


Teaching Assistants

Miss K. Walsh                        Miss M. Clue                   Ms N. Kaur

Mrs M. Judge                        Mrs S. Parveen                 Mr A. McIntosh

Miss F. Begum                        Mrs R. Choudhury             Miss W. Forbes

Mrs R. Begum                        Mrs M. Henderson

Additional support staff

IT Technician: Mr K. Taylor

Pastoral Support: Mrs D.Newton

Site Management: Mr Gaffney & Mr Beck

Office staff
School Business Manager: Mrs D.Hibbert 
Office Manager: Mrs D. Toussaint-Wright                   
Miss K. Moorhouse
Miss J. McGuinness                        
Catering staff
Miss P. Davis                                     Miss C. Lindo
Mrs S. Bynoe-Reid                               Mrs S. Nessa
Ms. S Ayub
Lunchtime supervisors

Miss J. Bailey                    Mrs A. Begum                    Mrs P. Begum            Miss Y. Evans                    Ms R. Kadir                      Ms C. Bartlett

Ms S. Begum                   Ms S Channer                     Ms R. Begum

Miss D. Jones                   Miss M. Khatun                   Ms S. Begum  

Miss Z. Formosa                Miss J. Neill                      

Mrs M. Rakhda                 Mrs M. Shariff