Our Curriculum

At Manor Park we have designed a bespoke curriculum that is broad, balanced and engaging to ensure that our pupils have access to the best possible educational experiences.

Our English curriculum has been designed in partnership with another REAch2 school in our cluster. Drawing on the expertise of some of the country's top educationalists such as Alan Peat, our curriculum gives children a solid understanding of spelling, grammar and punctuation. At the same time, we support our pupils to find the fun in writing and help them to develop as exciting and creative authors. 

On 10th March 2017, our staff took part in a training day focusing on the Fischer Family Trust Reading Curriculum, this is something that will be introduced by our Assistant Headteacher, Miss Elwell from 24th April 2017 to increase progress and attainment in reading and also bring these lessons to life with engaging and fun comprehension activities that teach children how to infer and decipher different texts. 

We are also preparing to introduce Read Write Inc in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 to increase progress and attainment in phonics. Our Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Saghir, will be leading this and it will be implemented from June 2017. 

In Mathematics, we have looked further afield and are adopting a highly successful approach from Singapore. Our Singapore Maths scheme helps children from Year 1 to secure the basics and develop their mathematical fluency and confidence. We do not use rote learning and instead introduce new mathematical concepts through a process known as Bruner's Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach or CPA. This process helps children develop their understanding of mathematical concepts through the physical manipulation of objects and use of pictures to represent problems. Once they have explored new ideas in this way they are ready to tackle abstract problems without this support, confident that they understand the mathematical process that they are using. Staff attended a training day for this on Monday 13th March 2017 and our Assistant Headteacher, Miss Dobbie, is leading this - staff will be using this approach in their lessons from Wednesday 15th March 2017. 

At Manor Park, we understand the importance of a curriculum that is both broad and balanced. To ensure that children are developing skills and knowledge in a range of different subjects, we have introduced our Cornerstones Curriculum. With Cornerstones, children explore a full range of subjects by engaging in 80 themed projects over the course of their learning journey at Manor Park.


For sports provision, we work with Premier Sports who employ a PE specialist to deliver and plan all PE lessons from Nursery to Year 6 as well as extra curricular sports clubs and inter-school competitions. Premier Sports’ delivery, training and ethos is carefully planned with the help of Educational Specialist, who has developed sports leadership strategies in partnership with the Association of Physical Education, the Youth Sports Trust, Sport England and Sports Coach UK amongst others. In addition, they are an accredited training provider, meaning they deliver qualifications and skill the work force.

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