An introduction from our headteacher


Friday 8th September 2017

Dear Parent / Carer,

It is a privilege to write to you to introduce myself as the new Headteacher of Manor Park Academy.

I am delighted to have taken on this role and will work tirelessly to promote the best interests of the children, staff and local community.
This is a new beginning in the chapter of this school and we start by rebranding the uniform and the schools motto that now reads as, ‘Enter to Learn, Achieve Greatness Together.’ This was an amalgamation of the children who won of the logo competition held last summer term.

A good education is crucial for the wellbeing and fulfilment of our children. As society continues to change, it is important that schools provide an environment where all young people can learn and achieve to their full potential. 

I have been a teacher for over 20 years and have worked in inner city London in diverse and inspiring schools for the majority of those years. The last five have been as a headteacher of a school in Northampton. These schools have promoted the value that every person can achieve and aspire to be what they want to be, provided you work hard.   All of the schools I have worked in have managed to gain excellent Ofsted grading’s through the dedication and hard work of the staff. My aim is that Manor Park Academy joins this list of successful schools.
High quality teaching and learning is at the heart of every good school and I look forward to working with the staff at Manor Park to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for every child. Manor Park has many strengths and I have been struck by the warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The children are eager to learn and their behaviour is exemplary. 

At the heart of good learning are also the contributions that parents make and I am a firm believer that a positive link between school and home leads to a child’s success during their learning journey.

I look forward to forging these links in the coming year.

Yours sincerely

Mr M Wilson, Headteacher

Miss Confidence
Captain Independence
Doctor Respect
The Communicator
Super Support
Resilience Girl